The Medical Countermeasures Coalition:
Dedicated to Strengthening National Public Health and Security through Sound Public Policy

Advancing the Development of Medical Countermeasures

The Medical Countermeasures Coalition (MC2) mission is to advance public health preparedness and further medical countermeasure innovation through sound policy and public-private partnerships

Our Members

MC2 is made up by member organizations that have a shared stake in our mission to build an effective medical countermeasure enterprise, further innovation, and enhance public health preparedness

Our Mission is Critical

We’re advancing the development of medical countermeasures to further innovation and strengthen public health preparedness by promoting coordination between the U.S. government and the private sector

Why This Matters

Driving Sound Policy and Public and Private Partnership

MC2 works to enhance national public health security and emergency preparedness through sound public policy — including supporting domestic manufacturing of pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical interventions as well as the development of vaccines, drugs, and therapies — and building strong public-private partnerships.

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